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Maximizing Auto Insurance Savings: A Comprehensive Guide to Discounts and Features

Are you eager to optimize your savings on auto insurance? Explore a range of discounts and features designed to reward loyalty, responsible driving, and savvy policy choices. Discover key ways to save on your car insurance:

Loyalty-Based Auto Discounts & Features

1. Multi-Policy Discounts

Significant savings are available when you bundle two or more policies. Whether combining auto and boat insurance or auto and home insurance, bundling can result in substantial discounts.

2. Continuous Insurance Discounts

Switching insurers? Loyalty to your previous insurer is acknowledged with a discount upon your first policy renewal, based on the duration of your continuous coverage.

3. Teen Driver Discount

Despite the increased costs associated with adding a teen driver, discounts are offered for drivers aged 18 and under after one year with the insurer.

4. Accident Forgiveness

Enjoy forgiveness for both small and large accidents, with options for additional benefits with Small and Large Accident Forgiveness.

Driver-Based Auto Discounts

1. Snapshot: Safe Driver Discount

Experience personalized rates based on your actual driving habits, with potential savings based on safe driving practices.

2. Good Student Discount

A discount is available for policies with full-time students who maintain a “B” average or better.

3. Distant Student Discount

For full-time students aged 22 or younger living over 100 miles from home without a vehicle, discounts are provided.

4. Homeowner Discount

Simply being a homeowner, regardless of home insurance provider, qualifies you for an additional discount.

5. Multi-Car Discounts

Realize average savings of 12% when multiple vehicles are listed on your policy.

Discounts for How You Quote and Buy

1. Online Quote Discount

Obtain a discount by quoting car insurance online.

2. Sign Online Discount

Earn a discount by opting for online document signing.

3. Paperless Discount

Opt for email communication and receive additional savings.

4. Pay in Full Discount

Earn a discount by paying your policy in full up front.

5. Automatic Payment Discount

Set up automatic payments for a convenient discount.

Tools to Help You Save

1. Compare Auto Rates

Evaluate coverages from multiple companies to find the best price.

2. Name Your PriceĀ® Tool

Specify your budget, and explore coverage options within that range.

3. Deductible Savings Bank

Opt for this optional coverage to gradually decrease your deductible for each policy period without an accident or violation.

More Ways to Save

Safe Driving Rewards

Enjoy reduced policy prices by maintaining a clean driving record. Drivers with no tickets or accidents in the past three years could experience significant savings.

By taking advantage of these discounts and features, you can drive with confidence, knowing you’re getting the most out of your auto insurance. Check the associated disclosures for specific details on average savings and eligibility criteria. Safe travels!