Federal Grants, Loans, And Programs for Veterans

Americans have long been appreciative, proud, and protective of their military heroes. They sacrifice so much for the honor and safety of our country and deserve nothing but the best. Thankfully, the federal government provides a wide range of awards and programs tailored specifically for veterans. Veterans in all military branches may rest confident that once their duty to our nation is through, our country will look out for them thanks to a number of federal programs that address a variety of needs, including housing, employment, education, and even medical care.

Federal Programs For Veterans

Hundreds of organizations are available to help our country’s military members even after their tour of service is over. The federal government has made significant progress in ensuring that military men and women have enough chances to attain the American Dream during and after their duty, from educational possibilities to joining the job, home requirements to medical care. Veterans are encouraged to go into the many viable alternatives and take advantage of the loans, grants, and programs offered by the federal government and the American people as a way of saying “Thank you for serving our country.”

The Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (MGIB-AD), Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP), Post-Vietnam Era Educational Assistance Program (VEAP), and the VOW to Hire Heroes Veterams Retraining Assistance Program are the six main federal grants that help veterans afford career training or a college education.

Small Business Loans

There are options when it comes to small businesses for veterans as well. The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers small business loans and grants to all Americans, including veterans. You can read more about this at FederalGrants.com: Small Business Grants. It is important to keep in mind that The Veterans Administration does not provide small business grants to veterans.

Housing Grants

The US government offers two grants to assist handicapped veterans in purchasing or modifying a house to fit their health needs. The Specially Adapted Housing Grant helps veterans with certain impairments build. It also helps them to renovate a home so that they may live freely. The Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Grant is for veterans who want to buy a house that has already been modified to accommodate their handicap, or who want to modify an existing home that they or a family member owns.

Additionally, the government offers vets home mortgage loans with better conditions than those offered by commercial banks. The four programs that deal with this are VA Home Purchase Loans, VA Cash-Out Refinance Loans, Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans, and the Native American Direct Loan Program, all of which are offered by the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Health Benefits For Veterans

The US government provides health benefits to all veterans (with the exception of those who have received a dishonorable discharge). The Department of Veterans Affairs provides these healthcare benefits. Hospitalization, outpatient treatment, medical specialist services, dentistry, vision, and preventative care are among the services provided. Healthcare services are offered for free if a medical condition is connected to their service and income limitations are satisfied.


Through these many federal grants, and so many more, veterans will feel respected and taken care of. And they should. These grants are the least an appreciative government and society can give back.